Indian weddings are traditionally multi-day affairs, and involve many intricate ceremonies, such as the painting of the hands and feet of the bride called a mehndi. Garlands are presented to guests of honor instead of corsages, and lots of flower or rose petals are thrown for good luck.


 Mehendi Ki Raat

The beautiful bride-to-be adorns her hands and feet with striking designs made out of henna. As per the traditions, even the groom applies a bit of mehendi on his hands as well as feet. The entire ceremony is a fun-filled event with every family member and close friends of the bride and the groom being a part of it. But, apart from being a fun pre-wedding ritual, the mehendi ceremony also has a deep-rooted cultural significance to it. And, here we tell you all about the beautiful significance of mehendi in Indian marriages.


Significance of Mehendi

Mehendi represents the bond of matrimony and is therefore, considered a shagun (sign of good luck). It signifies the love and affection between the couple and their families. The darkness of the mehendi colour on a bride’s hand represents the deep love between the would-be-couple. Mehendi is also deemed to be a symbolic representation of fertility.


From Where We Get Best Mehandi

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Start well to end well

In India, Vidaai is a post wedding ceremony, which takes place after the wedding rituals are completed. This means that after the seven pheras and kanyadaan this is the major ritual that takes place. Many people hire Luxurious cars, Tempo Traveler and Buses for all guests. After this tremendous ceremony End should be good. So hire all the cars & Buses by Udaipur Taxi Service.

Wedding Car Decoration Ideas In Pakistan 2014(10).jpg

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